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Powerful Newsletters for Local Chapters

If you think that the sun has set on newsletters as an email marketing tool, then you are in for a surprise. On average member-based organizations using StarChapter have delivered over 2.2 million newsletters to their members per year, with an astounding average of 185,000 newsletters per month. That’s over 6,000 newsletters a day!

These numbers are not deceptive. They actually reflect a significant tool by which boards of professional and trade associations communicate with their members. True, your members are busy and are probably inundated by dozens of other emails they get every month to their inbox. But remember: your members voluntarily registered to the association. They pay dues and might even be active in meetings and events the chapter organizes. They want to hear what you have to say.  

Now that we covered the Why, let’s move on to the How. StarChapter has shortlisted the 4 most effective ways to create powerful newsletters that get noticed.

1. Add milestones and numbers to reflect performance
Your members want to know what happened in the last month and what the board expects to accomplish in the next. These milestones and numbers will likely spruce up your newsletters and will help your members relate to the chapter.

2. Bundle up the content to save time
Instead of wasting time sending countless emails every month with repetitive information that goes under the radar, bundle up your content into one, great looking newsletter. 

3. Time your newsletters
It’s not only about the message, it’s also about timing. Your messages might go unnoticed if they are delivered in an untimely fashion. Think of what time is ideal to send out the newsletters. Are there important chapter events or meetings coming up? Is there an announcement you’d like to include? Is your industry reaching one of its most active seasons? After you answer these questions, determine the frequency of your newsletter. Some associations find is more effective to send out a quarterly newsletter, while others send it on a weekly basis. Remember, you know your members and industry best, so use your knowledge!

 4. Utilize the tools you already have
With your StarChapter software, you can do all those and much more! You can check for the chapter’s performance by date range or type of activity, so it is easy to pull out numbers. For example, you can check the number of members, non-members, and even compare registrants to attendees in each event. You can also automate your newsletter so all you have to do is create the content and let the software deliver it for you, to the recipients you want, whenever you want.

Watch this video to learn everything about the Newsletter Area on Your StarChapter Website

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