Make or Break? The Unmotivated Board

Unmotivated Board

What is the common denominator between a non-profit association chapter and a publically traded company? The executive layer steers the path to success or failure. In a survey by the Canadian Society of Association Executives (CSAE), researchers found a clear correlation between engaged boards and organizational success. This is not a surprise...

Boards make or break their chapters. In fact, it is not unusual for chapters to cease activity simply due to unengaged board and lack of enthusiasm among members. Serving on the board can be hard, and without having the right tools to manage the various tasks, the board might fail in generating growth and offering a real value to their members.

Watch out for these 7 signs to identify an unmotivated board.

  1. The number and quality of events drops dramatically
  2. Board meeting take too long and members show up late or unprepared
  3. Work isn’t split evenly – few board members are doing most of the work and executing most of the decisions
  4. The chapter’s website isn’t updated regularly and contains irrelevant or outdated information
  5. Simple decisions cannot be easily determined
  6. Members receive emails containing old information
  7. Membership has declined

Members to association chapters are what investors are to a publically traded company. Whether you are on the board or a member, recognizing these signs might save the chapter. In these cases, it might be the time for a mass reshuffle and personally volunteering. Remember, flourishing association chapters contribute to their members in many ways: networking, career opportunities, community involvement, personal development, accreditation and much more. Your chapter’s mission is no different.

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  1. Escorte

    Dec. 28, 2016

    lol very god article.

  2. Dianne Dixon

    Dec. 16, 2015

    how do you hold your board accountable? what do you do when a board member fails to come through and doesn't return calls or emails...

    1. ekashro@starchapter.com

      Dec. 17, 2015

      Thanks for your question Dianne. Dealing with an unmotivated or unresponsive board members happens onnce in a while. The best way to handle or avoid this from happening is by proper succession planning. Check out this article we posted about the Do's and Don'ts of succession planning http://www.starchapter.com/blog.php?id=159. If you use StarChapter, our Support Team may be able to help! Open a support ticket, and a member of our team will get back to you quickly.



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