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For local chapters, getting more members to volunteer on the board can seem like a mission impossible. It can be hard to find someone who has the time and dedication to help with the organization. Some board members have kept their positions for years on end due to members’ lack of motivation or enthusiasm to lead the organization.

But if you volunteer on the board and are interested to get more members to volunteer as well, there are few ways to identify your most prominent candidates for these leadership positions.

Board volunteers who use StarChapter have reportedly struggled much less with succession planning over the years. Utilizing the software’s built-in filtering and reporting features, board leaders turn leadership positions into highly-regarded ones and search for the fitting candidates.


3 tools to help you find qualified candidates for board leadership positions:

Reports: StarChapter’s reports allow you to find the most attending and engaging members in meetings and events. These members may be good candidates for board recruitment. You can also take advantage of these reports to easily target members who aren’t attending meetings at all, and get them on board with the chapter’s activity. 
Non-members are also included in the reports, so you can offer them leadership positions and in turn, convert them to members.

Coupons/Vouchers: Make it easy to reward board participation with free/discounted meeting fees or other merchandise. Some chapters even offer discounted tickets for the association’s national events.  

Training: Having free and ongoing training webinars for the different roles can make it easier to handle succession planning and get more people on board. You can join our training sessions every month or schedule your free private chapter training for all the new/existing board members.


Watch this video and learn more about the features that will help you with succession planning and recruiting additional board members.


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