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Updated: Mar. 7, 2018  |  Categories: Member Communications, Volunteers, Membership, Website  

Your chapter offers great thought leadership materials, educational seminars and plenty of networking opportunities. But what other benefits can you offer your members to promote their business and services?

Membership Spotlight on the organization’s website is one of the easiest and most effective tools to help your members self-promote their latest product, activity, business, service or agenda. Boards can determine eligibility based on members’ performance, seniority and tenure, or new service/product launch.

Beyond the great possibilities to network with potential clients, business partners and industry leaders, your members get a more tangible marketing benefit in joining the organization through high-profile exposure on the website– and in turn the organization’s value and profile increase.

One organization that really knows how to take advantage of this feature is the St. Louis chapter of Public Relations Society of America. Utilizing the Member Spotlight, they help members to self-promote their services, product and business. 

The Spotlight box is a side box that includes a link to a member profile popup. When setting up the member spotlight, board members can easily choose the member to be featured from a dropdown list that includes all members.


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