The Non-Dues Revenue Formula

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It’s long been said that revenues are the lifeblood of association chapters. These organizations simply cannot survive without them. However, most of the chapters that fall out pinpoint lack of motivation among the board as the main reason for their demise. But the reason of an unmotivated board actually masks the real reason – non-dues revenues didn’t pour in, and in turn attendance dropped and membership declined.

After we established that every chapter wants to increase non-dues revenues, we move on to answering the question of how to do it.

Let’s focus on 3 effective channels for increasing non-dues revenues:

1. Attendance fee – Organize events and meetings and charge your members the appropriate attendance fee. Without charging attendance fee from your members it will be much harder to predict event attendance and the success rate of the events. You can also target non-members and charge them attendance fee as well. This will help you raise the public profile of the chapter and convert them to members.  

2. Advertisement – displaying ads on chapter’s website, events, newsletter and other marketing materials is by far the most profitable source of non-dues revenues for your association. If finding those advertisers might be tricky, try to create a list of advertisers that will completely understand what the association does and who are its members. Before you reach out to the shortlist of advertisers you picked out, try to quantify the value of your offering and address the fit these advertisers have with your members. Remember, just like publications build relationships with advertisers over time, so should associations do with their respective advertisers.

You can set up your advertisers through the Ad Manager on your StarChapter website, rotate, and auto-expire ads. Click here to learn how to do that with our knowledge base article.  

3. Merchandise – Selling catalog products and other marketing merchandise to members and non-members is a great non-dues revenue boost for the chapter. Purchasing products should be easily accessible through the website so make sure you have an eCommerce platform integrated into the site.  

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