How to Prepare The Next Board?

Updated: Feb. 14, 2018  |  Categories: StarChapter Admin, Volunteers, Goal Setting  

Prepare Board Members

Your board members won’t stay in their positions for long. The board of your local chapter would usually transition every other year, depending on its structure, national association, and the nature of its members and industry. Very active and successful boards tend to be remembered fondly, but what happens after these volunteers are no longer in a leadership position? Usually the solution is very simple!

Working with boards of local chapters of national associations, we have discovered that the secret of a successful transition is not only the people but the tools they used to manage the chapter! Between creating successful events, increasing the chapter’s revenues, and getting more members on than ever before, successful board volunteers are usually those who try to preserve the success after they no longer serve on the board by sharing with their successors the tools they used to do all that. Some of these tools are for mass emailing, managing membership records and maintaining the website and some are for collecting payments, analyzing and gathering reports that helped them make decisions easily.

But although this sounds conveniently practical in theory, a lot of chapters completely dissolve due to lack of participation or discouragement. In most cases, new board members weren’t even aware of the tools available to them.

What many of our customers tell us is that setting up a special group training to get the new board up to speed practically preserved the chapter’s success for the next term. We try to reach out to your board 3 months before it changes to schedule a group training. This is why it is vital to update the board transition date.

Remember, successful chapters depend on the people and the tools they use for management. If you need to schedule you next board training, simply open a support ticket through your StarChapter software and one of our Support Team members will set it up for you.

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