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Updated: Aug. 31, 2017  |  Categories: Meetings/Events, Website  

Not all invited guests will attend your chapter’s events, not even when it comes to the most important banquet of the year. And since it is not realistic to reach a 100% attendance rate in every meeting or event, many association executives turn to archiving the meeting materials.

Archiving meeting materials in the form of photo galleries and meeting documents is quickly becoming a favorable method for chapter leaders to draw in more revenues and attention. When people consider joining a chapter, they look into many things, including how updated the website is, the information that it offers, and what past events were organized.

Here are a few ways to boost the chapter using archives of past events:

  • Photos of past events, particularly if they look good, will build interest for future events.
  • Handouts for meeting agenda will let people know the kind of topics and activities you’ve done before and are likely to do in the future.
  • Archives make your chapter look established and authoritative.  A brand-new chapter of an organization won’t have these things, but the best predictor of what you’ll do in the future is what you’ve done in the past, and your non-members will be looking at this.
  • Sorted archive makes it easy to find the materials for any particular meeting, rather than having to go hunt for them. All you need is the date of the meeting, and any associated materials will be right there.


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