Avoid the Board Transition Pitfalls

Updated: Aug. 31, 2017  |  Categories: Volunteers, Board Productivity  

It is never a question of whether the board leadership will change, the question is always when and how that will happen.

The leaders of your chapter have a big job to do. They determine the organization’s strategic direction, organize the annual event and year-round meetings, communicate to the members, attempt to get more people to join as members, and the list doesn’t end there.

This is why the moment of transition from one leadership to the next is crucial for the success, and even more so, the survival of the chapter. In many instances, we have seen unsuccessful board transitions that led to the collapse of the chapter all together.

Despite the risks associated with unsuccessful board transition are monumental, more and more organizations do not set a smooth transition from one leadership to the next. Among the many reasons are lack of awareness to best practices of how transitions are done or lack of time juggling between all the tasks of managing the organization.

It’s important to remember that transitioning to the new board is an opportunity to reinvigorate the organization, help members get involved, increase the member count, boost attendance and events and build financial stability by increasing the organization’s revenues.

If done properly, board transition is the first step in allowing the new leadership to build a strong organization for years to come.


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