Adding a Members-Only Announcement

Updated: May. 20, 2015  

A great way to communicate with your members is to add announcements to the member area. In order to add something like this, navigate to the Announcements section (under Content Manager). Click on the Add New Record tab. On the next screen, choose Members Area for the Screen option. This will place your announcement on the first screen of the Members Area. Next, set an Expiration Date if applicable. The expiration date will automatically remove the announcement on this date. If there is no expiration date for the announcement, click the box next to the No Expiration Date option. Next, give your announcement a title in the box next to the Header option.

Finally, type your announcement in the editor. Once you have entered all of the information, click the Insert Record button at the bottom and your announcement will be added to the Member Area screen.


Once you insert your new announcement, you will be taken back to the first page of the Announcement section. Here, you have the option of reordering your announcements if there is more than one. To do so, simply 'grab' the announcement bar with your mouse and drag it to the proper place. The order that you see the announcements on this page is the order that they will appear on the website.

For more information about adding announcements to your website, please click here.

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