The 4 Secrets of Planning the Perfect Chapter Event

The secret of planning the perfect event isn’t just in the venue or the menu you choose. If you want to get your attendees excited about the next event, these 4 things can help you.


You can’t go wrong with amazing speakers. TED Talks does an incredible job proving that people can be captured by compelling topics and charismatic presenters. Although the TED Talks enterprise reaches the mass audience, there’s a lot to learn from the way talks are structured. One of the ways to capture audience attention is by inviting charismatic speakers who cover fascinating topics that relate to your attendees. One of the ways to do that is sending out a chapter-wide questionnaire to cover the basic must-haves your attendees would like in the next event. We covered this topic in our post on setting up surveys.  


Memorable and unique event initiatives. Just because last year’s event was a success it doesn’t mean that you should replicate it this year. The state of your industry, members and chapter changes over time and so should your events. Generating one-of-a-kind event initiatives is a good way to amaze your attendees and make the event memorable. Some chapters we work with organize other initiatives such as contests, competitions, and raffles in addition to the traditional guest speaker and panel discussions. These help them bolster collaboration, which in turn makes the event successful.


Loyalty has its benefits. Rewarding a long-time member who routinely attends chapter events is a common practice among associations. Don’t shy away from incentivizing them for their loyal membership. Some organizations offer discounted or free tickets, and other even organize an award ceremony to honor their long-time members. 


It’s all about the people you bring together. The saying “opposites attract” isn’t necessarily the case when it comes to the reason why joining a local chapter of a trade or professional association. Members join chapters to get more opportunities to network with like-minded people (or at least share common interests). Use the events to make this a reality and prove the value of membership.


Try to implement these ideas and survey attendees after the event. Use the Survey Manager to structure the questions and send them to your members and guests.  



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