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If your StarChapter layout is starting to show signs of age or it is not compatible with mobile devices, it could be the right time to sign up for a redesign package with the StarChapter Support Team.

Consider these 4 ideas when converting your website to a mobile-friendly version.

A few improvements should be taken into account when doing a redesign to a responsive and mobile-friendly view. These can also be applied when creating a brand new website as well, always having the mobile view in mind:

  1. Review current content and decide whether to ditch or edit it.
    If your chapter no longer sells merchandise, ditch the Catalog page on the website. But if the chapter now offers sponsorship to potential advertisers, we recommend to add a sponsorship page to the website instead.  


  1. Add new content to reflect changes in strategy or the changes in industry landscape.
    For example, a lot of organizations we work with include a section of “Legislative Action” on their websites. This section covers recent actions in the Capitol and how it affects their industry. Your members could definitely benefit from this type of information, especially as they turn to the chapter website to get industry background.


  1. Add more call-to-action (CTA) buttons to help visitors connect with you easier.
    This is basically to leverage on the already existing “contact us” page, which exists in almost every chapter website (if your website doesn’t include such page, don’t forget to add it as well). CTA buttons help visitors to quickly register for an event, read more about an article, sign up for the newsletter, purchase event tickets, and so much more.


  1. Improve the look and feel of your homepage
    Prospective members do a lot of window shopping, using your website’s homepage as the front-door to the chapter. A redesign is a good time to remove complex elements, too large images, and other sections that might clutter their view.  


Want to make your website mobile-friendly? Here’s what you should do.

  • Test how mobile-friendly your website is with the Google Mobile-Friendly Test Tool found here.
  • If your site isn’t optimized, request a redesign now by either entering a support ticket through your system or by emailing our team at [email protected]


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