How to get Members Excited about Meetings?

Keeping your meeting agenda and location the same, meeting after meeting, may be fabulous as an organizer. You know what you need to do to secure the spot. You can use your existing agenda as a template and just change dates and speaker info.

But what may seem easy to you can feel repetitive and boring to attendees.

There are two fairly easy ways to spark new interest in your meetings – hosting at a unique, new location or by interjecting physical activity into the meeting.



Many places that hold birthday parties will also work for meeting locations. Think about a local bar or arcade and they probably have a private room available. Just changing to an exciting venue can add back some energy to the group.

In the winter months, golf courses keep their business alive by hosting group functions. Is there a golf course in a beautiful location you can visit?

Craft breweries and local distilleries are popping up all over the place. Check to see if these businesses rent out their tasting rooms during off peak hours or even try reaching out to the local theatre or museum too.  



Sitting all day long gets really boring. Inject some activity into your meetings to get the blood pumping again for attendees.

Consider bringing a yoga instructor onsite to lead your group through some gentle poses and stretches.

Have you heard of silent discos? They are catching on – and for a good reason. Dancers can get their groove on while those who prefer to mingle can still hear those they are networking with.

Even the meeting content can be interactive; have attendees vote for what topics they want to hear via a text message poll on their phones. It’s like a choose-your-own-adventure-book come to life.


Quick Fixes

Even the smallest changes can have a big impact. Here are some quick changes you can make to vary your meetings.

Have a “backwards” day - do your regular agenda in reverse. Many times items that are toward the end of an agenda get shortened time, as topics higher on the agenda took longer than expected. By simply reversing the order of your agenda, you’ll have more time for things like questions and awards.

Have a photographer take professional headshots as attendees arrive. These days everyone has a website, or at the very least a LinkedIn profile. Help them put their best foot forward by providing a simple professional headshot.

Keep meetings exciting and fresh by trying some of these location and activity options.

Lastly, use your StarChapter website to put all the event information together, before and after the event has taken place. This will ensure that the event will be memorable for months to come.


If you are looking for more tips on how to plan a successful chapter event, read this blog post


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  1. BYoung

    Jan. 9, 2017

    For sections that cover a wide area, having meetings in one location makes driving inconvenient for the same group of people. Mixing locations to accommodate all parts of the section could be more inviting for those near the outer areas.



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