Reward Volunteers with Praise

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Everyone wants to hear they are doing a good job and it should not be assumed volunteers know that they are. Volunteers should be informed of their progress – privately and publicly. Privately, offer successes and insight for improvement, which is part of praise. But publicly, make sure everyone knows what a good job people are doing. After all, volunteers at all levels are what makes the chapter function, it should be known how and why.

Include on the chapter website rotating profiles of successful leader stories in the member spotlight section. Membership Spotlight on the organization’s website is one of the easiest and most effective tools to help the chapter promote members, or allow members to self-promote their latest product, activity, business, service or agenda. Boards can determine eligibility based on members’ performance, seniority and tenure, or new service/product launch.

Another idea is providing plaques or certificates during events, outwardly showing volunteer successes within the chapter. The extra effort, and cost, to present members with an outward display of their service to your organization also serves as a potential marketing tool informing others in the same industry of your chapter’s good work by way of your members’ good work.

Make sure board members know they are appreciated for stepping up and working hard, that their work is not going unnoticed. This just may be the most essential ingredient for keeping volunteers and paid staffers happy as well as finding the next leadership of the organization.

As the glue that keeps the chapter running efficiently, volunteers deserve to be honored and kept happy, ensuring the success to the chapter for years to come. Help volunteers become successful, reach out the StarChapter Support Team and we’ll train and provide the tools they need to get there. Not using StarChapter? Ask for a demo today.


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  1. Becky Fles

    Nov. 10, 2020

    Great idea!! I have been volunteering on my local school board for 22 years. 10 as it's chair. It's one of the greatest joys of my life. Being recognized is and wold be appreciated. I also serve with 11 others that work very hard. "Thank you", "I see you" and "You're appreciated" are important parts to happy volunteers!



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