The 5 AMS Benefits: A Refresher

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Thankfully, the days of arduous and cumbersome paper- and record-keeping have retired for use in associations. Association management software, especially that for managing chapters locally, provides the ease of keeping track of members in a manner conducive to allowing the work to get done without pouring through pages of data and spending countless hours.

But what can an AMS do for you? If you already use StarChapter, or you don’t know what StarChapter does, let’s take a look at the five benefits to association chapter and ultimately membership value.

1. Streamline How You Manage Member Data.

Likely, the most important and valuable aspect of AMS is its ability to manage member and non-member data. You can enter all aspects of a member’s file into one place, whether contact information or other custom data of interest to your chapter. Specifically, StarChapter’s software provides the ability to call up only what you need in a streamlined report, grouped in whatever sub-groups needed.

2. Convenient Online Connectivity Based on Leader Role.

Different association leaders need access to different data. Your local chapter can set up the association management software to allow certain leaders access only to the information they need. For instance, the Event Chair handling registration for an upcoming conference does not need to see all the financial aspects of a member’s file, but may need to access email addresses for sending reminders. 

All of this can be done right from the various homes of your leadership team. No need to be in a central place with all the files, as they are available online through the software.

3. Communication Made Simple.

Communication with members is essential to ensure member retention and participation. If members don’t know about an event, how can they attend? With member friendly mass emailing tools built right into the software, in just minutes you can easily welcome new members, send newsletters, send event invitations, conduct surveys, or forward dues reminders. You can even store past emails as templates to revise later, saving time and remaining professional.

4. Event Registration and eCommerce From the Comfort of Home.

Technology has created a world where access to information is with us wherever we go. Integrating payment processing and event registration tools with the chapter website, members can easily make purchases or register right through the website.

But it goes beyond the ease of use for your members. For association leadership, tracking registrations and sales is a breeze with all the information managed in one place. Managing events becomes smoother with a centralized system, which leaves a member feeling welcomed, informed, and excited to participate. Read this article for more ways to get members excited about chapter events.

5. Customize Your Chapter Website and Optimize User Experience

The website is the front door to the chapter. How you present it to members (and prospects) is completely up to you. Your chapter website should be customized to fit the needs of the organization, brand, industry, and location, whether well-organized with only the bare bones information or flowing with multiple sources of stimuli for your members to benefit from.


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