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Board transition for any local chapter is inevitable, but when avoiding the pitfalls, transitions can often bring amazing results. No matter the status of a chapter’s leadership team, keeping top talent active within the chapter is key to its success. Whether it’s volunteering for the board, overseeing a committee, or simply enjoying membership benefits, training the top talent is essential both in terms of fulfilling the duties and maintaining chapter data using a chapter management software.

Who Should Receive Training?

Leaders should receive software and role-fulfillment training opportunities. Board volunteers have a duty to perform and thus training is a must at the beginning and throughout their tenure. Members, in general, should be invited to attend profession-specific meetings and educational events to improve their know-how in their field as well.

What Kind of Training?

This will vary based on their position within the chapter. StarChapter customers for example can access a variety of training webinars designed specifically to different members on the board, such as trainings for the membership chair, event chair and the treasurer. This way, it’s easy to determine who receives what training and for what purpose.

For those in leadership roles and/or on the board, initial training takes place before starting in the position to prepare for fulfilling the duties on the board. Training would involve both expectations for and specifications as to how to perform the soon-to-be duties, as well as an introduction to StarChapter. Most importantly, inclusion in this are instructions on how to best utilize the software to accomplish chapter goals. Throughout the time as a chapter leader, ongoing training is provided to ensure continued understanding of duties and updates within the software. A Dedicated StarChapter Specialist for example, works with chapter leadership to schedule a specialized board training during implementation process to get the leadership up to speed with the software.

Note: For members not currently holding a leadership role, the main focus of any training is profession-specific, often providing continuing education credits for learned skill enhancement that will benefit members on the job. It can also include more specialized training for those considering taking on a leadership role, with these trainings managed by current chapter leadership.

When and Where to Offer Training?

Training for chapter leaders is provided in the form of ongoing board training webinars. Three specialized training sessions are offered every other week and are led by the StarChapter Support Team to improve expertise level with using the system, and create leader learning enhancement opportunities. Additionally, when chapter leadership transitions, new board members can schedule a dedicated training with the team. This can ease on their transition and get them quickly immersed into the software and chapter duties.

What Else?

At times, individuals prefer to obtain the knowledge needed to fulfill the duties of their leadership role in other forms. This is why many StarChapter users find it easy to navigate through the online self-help knowledgebase, including articles and video tutorials, no matter the role they serve.


Attending ongoing (or dedicated) training for chapter leaders and board members is a must for developing the top talent the chapter needs to grow and thrive. Without it, achieving chapter goals become more cumbersome and time-consuming. If you use StarChapter, we make it simple and convenient to set up a dedicated board training. Open a support ticket to request a training session for the new board through the Admin Area of your StarChapter account.



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