Success with Member-Get-A-Member Recruitment

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If they love your association, they will get their colleagues to join.

At least that is the hope chapter leaders often have. It is well known that word-of-mouth recruitment is by far the most effective form of marketing, even if unpredictable at times. Harnessing its power as a member-get-a-member campaign can be as simple as creating incentives and competitions that drive member action to get the word out.

But it is more than just recognition that gets members inspired to reach out and refer new members. Members who feel like they are part of the team are more likely to engage their colleagues and refer them to join the chapter.

Take a look at 4 tactics chapter leaders can employ to create an enterprising and cooperative team environment, ensuring the success of a member-get-a-member program.


1. Make Activities Meaningful and Memorable.

The first step to inspiring recruitment action involves developing programs that engage participants and leave them with a feeling that they have to tell associates about the benefits of their local chapter. The next step is getting current members to attend events and making them stand out in their memories long after they end.


2. Provide Support to Members

Chapter leaders need to offer members resources and assistance in their recruitment efforts. There are many techniques through which this can be accomplished, such as traditional informative brochures, action inspiring e-mails designed for forwarding, referral cards, and more.


3. Develop Healthy Competition

Members have a lot of connections to draw from. Networking is often the key to building chapter membership. Creating competition can make things interesting and provide incentive for member-get-a-member activities. Tracking the results is easy and can be kept right alongside membership data. Incorporate milestones and rewards into this competition. Multiple types of competitions can be in place at one time, some focused on general chapter membership and others focused on event attendance of members and non-members alike. Keeping it flexible helps to meet the needs of the chapter.


4. Recognize Top Recruiters

Your member-get-a-member recruitment efforts should not go unnoticed. Show that membership building has its privileges by publicly acknowledging top “recruiters”. As chapter leaders, you can even welcome new members as part of the recognition process, inspiring them to feel like they have joined the team. Through this appreciation, new members are then motivated to join in on the recruitment efforts as well.


Member-get-a-member campaigns work best when accompanied by focused inspiration that meets the needs of the chapter. Word-of-Mouth through networks work and can be tracked to know their impact on chapter’s goals, revenue, and planning activities. Members make the chapter, while leaders inspire the members – together they can build a dynamic group that not only remains active but also grows over time.



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