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The member story just got bigger through the creation of Shadow Days. Shadow Days are a way to connect members within the chapter or with industry expert mentors in on the job career exploration activities.

Shadow Days can be executed in one of three ways, all of which involve an activity of some kind at a place of employment.

First, current members can invite other members or member prospects.

Second, past members can invite current members or member prospects.

And third, industry expert mentors can invite current members or member prospects.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to employment of a successful Shadow Day. Small groups can follow the Shadowee around as they do their job, simply observing. There can be a large presentation and tour for larger group during a Shadow Day. Shadowers can even be given the opportunity to engage with company clients and employees, and create a planning committee to offer leadership roles to membership and have a dedicated team to build this member experience.

In all cases, the Shadow Days should be designed to enhance the member experience within your chapter – that is, bring the value of membership into the career world. To ensure this value is translated for the benefit of members, conduct surveys before and after an event to find out what needs your members have to plan the perfect Shadow Day. Ask them in what companies they may want to Shadow, and find out if they have any specific people from the industry that would be most beneficial. Inquire as to what activities they would or would not want to participate in and follow-up to ensure those needs were met.

The rewards for members are truly endless. From helping entry-level professionals get a sense of the field to increasing networking opportunities and training that offer guidance on finding the balance between work, chapter obligation, and life in general, Shadow Days take the member experience to a new level.

Shadow Days can be used to drive the member spotlight section of the newsletter. Not only highlights of the event can be reported, but also a focus about the individual or company that was shadowed can be written. This will offer the reporting of the event to an attending member as an opportunity to expand their own horizons, with their own contributing author bio as an another kind of member reward.

Connecting chapter membership with the community at large through Shadow Days will open doors for new members and increase chapter success, realizing the true membership value in growing your chapter.



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