3 Steps to Providing CE Credits

The ever plaguing question for members and prospects alike: How does membership benefit career?

Every chapter is different when it comes to values and benefits. These heavily depend on the industry, the national association, and the chapter board. But one benefit offered by many chapters is fast becoming the ability of members to earn Continuing Education Credits (CE), which is aimed at career advancement.

CEs are required in many industries, from education to technology to health care. They aim to show a professional’s continuous engagement with learning about their occupation. Guidelines vary from industry to industry, and thus many national associations, through their chapters, offer different programs of CEs.

StarChapter makes offering and tracking earned CEs through your chapter simple and straightforward in 3 interconnected steps: 

  1. It begins with planning a meeting. Within the software, you can set up meeting details including offering information about CE availability. The event will appear on the calendar, offer ease of registration, and provide details from max attendance to cost. Once the registration deadline has passed, it is easy to print out a list of those registered and finalize details for the event, including name tags, printed materials, and other logistics.


  1. StarChapter makes it easy to manage and track CEs earned. As an event is planned, you can enter the CEs available from the event, based on industry standards. Once a person registers for an event, the system keeps track of the CEs they will earn once they attend the event. Once the event is complete, the data can be updated to show a person attended the event.


  1. Creating and tracking the CEs are only the first two steps. Reports are essential to ensuring that members can know how many CEs they have earned toward their mandated requirement. Reports can be created by meeting, chapter, or member. While the system itself does not create certificates for members, the information in the reports can be used to create whatever documentation the association and industry deem appropriate.


Offering Continuing Education credits does not have to be a complex endeavor when planning a meeting or an event. Follow the standard path to creating a stellar and engaging event for your members and prospects, and assign the CEs, as they should be the bonus on top of an already amazing benefit. By making CEs available through chapters, it helps your members on their journey to career advancement – and in turn it will continue to build a community within the industry. All with the intent of success for your members and the chapter.



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