3 Ingredients to Creating Event Legacy

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Association Event Legacy

The event is over. Everyone has gone home. You can breathe a sigh of relief for a job well done planning the perfect event. But the work isn’t over just yet, as the success of the event is only part of the equation to achieving long-term positive effects for your association, its members, and its prospects.


1. Help Attendees Stay Connected.
Attendees want to stay in touch. In many cases, the very nature of the event as a networking opportunity is what drew attendees in from the get go. Provide a way for them to easily stay in communication, whether for association-related activities, career-building opportunities, or simply personal connectedness. While attendees exchange cards at the event, there are people they met in passing, or didn’t meet at all at the event. Post-event networking within social media or even in face-to-face follow-up sessions opens the door for creating new contacts or enhancing previously made connections – all within the theme and unifying factor that was and is the event.

2. Let the Content Live On.
Provide the event content (partial or at its whole) to those who attended free of charge, whether as is or reformulated as blogs, eBooks, or other digestible forms. To members or prospects who could not attend, offer the content either for a small fee or for free. Post-event content can also provide opportunities for newer members and prospects who didn’t know about the event to gain the knowledge that will better their career or get them involved in chapter management – and recognize the value of attending the next event. 

3. Value Attendees Opinion. It is important at the conclusion of the event to survey attendees about their experience. Some event organizers have this completed by attendees while at the event, but there is value in surveying attendees until after the event is over. By doing so, you allow attendees to digest the material they obtained while at the event, allowing the long term benefits of attendance to take hold and be evaluated fully. At the end, this will give your event organizers stronger data to ensure the next is even more memorable.


A well-executed event provides knowledge to your members that will make their lives and careers better. It is your job to ensure that the legacy lives on. Indeed, through engaging and successful post-event planning, your chapter’s benefits can be realized all year long. Most importantly, the event will serve as a springboard for both retaining current members and driving up the conversion rate of prospects.



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