Your Chapter and the Community

While your local chapter serves a purpose within a profession and in relation to its national parent, it is also a valuable member of the local community in which it operates. It provides a place for colleagues to connect, offers knowledge for career advancement, and even provides service to the community in which it belongs. It then becomes reasonable to seek sponsorship of your local chapter from the community.

There are countless ways to collect sponsorships, and members can begin the quest with their own companies. But the search should go beyond employers to find mutually beneficial partnerships that connect the chapter with the community in which they are members.

Here are ten ingredients to what a successful sponsorship should look like:

  1. Sponsorship is meant to help your chapter succeed, not push their own agenda.
  2. Sponsors should be aligned with your chapter’s mission, supporting it at a conceptual level.
  3. Avoid sponsorships with a political agenda, unless of course that is the specific purpose of an event.
  4. Local companies, rather than global or national entities, should be sought out to provide sponsorship – as they have an investment in your local chapter activities. They will also be easier to attain, after all, the chapter is presumably locally operated.
  5. Sponsorship doesn’t have to be monetary – in-kind investment or participation is just as important as paying for necessary items.
  6. Encourage sponsors to pay a vendor directly when providing monetary support for an event.
  7. Recognize sponsorships, honoring the partnership that you have cultivated – encourage patronage to the sponsor’s business and inspire repeat sponsorship at the same time.
  8. Provide a space on your chapter’s website devoted to sponsorship, including the ability to purchase online.
  9. Set up sponsorship opportunities in event registration to encourage individuals the ability to provide smaller scale sponsorships.
  10. Go outside-the-box with sponsorship ideas – be open minded to creative opportunities for partnership, so long as the above guidelines are also met.

Your chapter and the community are linked. Without your chapter, your community will be missing out on valuable patronage and marketing opportunities that inspire goodwill. Without sponsorships, your chapter cannot fully achieve its mission. Through a partnership of some level, your chapter will thrive in providing its benefits to members and non-members that live and work within the community.

To establish the sponsorship scheme and enable revenue collection, check out our new Sponsorships User Guide. It includes a detailed instructions on how to add/remove sponsors and a recorded video tutorial.


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