The Importance of the End of Year Review

Companies from large enterprises to small entrepreneurial entities recognize the importance of taking stock at the end of the year before entering the next one. It is an essential step in the successful continuation of any business. Association chapters are no different as they are aimed at bettering the industry in which they operate.

At the local level, this process doesn’t take place in a vacuum, rather it involves listening to members as the chapter exists to serve their needs. It is important to ask for their thoughts on the activities they valued most or least, what could have been improved, and general feedback about the past year. Invite members of the larger community to weigh in as well, as they, too, are important stakeholders in the work your chapter does. As we are inundated with survey requests, make your chapter survey count. Keep your survey short and only ask the right questions – as you want answers that will drive your chapter’s continuation and growth.

By giving a voice to your community, members and non-members alike, you not only ascertain the pulse of your chapter, but also build a foundation for success – a foundation that goes beyond simply conducting a survey. And it boosts morale and shows the community that their feedback contributes to the chapter.

A variety of reports and charts on membership, sales, and attendance is available in your StarChapter software to help create your end of year report. You can take the process a step further by conducting in-depth interviews with members as means to gain a deeper understanding of some of your members’ thoughts and suggestions.

No matter how the 2016 results turn out, this information is useful as you create marketing activities for your chapter for the next year. Using the tools available to you, you learn about your chapter and gain essential insights into the thoughts of the local community in which your chapter and members operate. Knowing this information allows for collaboration that will help the board take shape, planning the activities for the following year.

The End of Year Review provides a clear framework for your strategic planning, revealing the needs of your members. It provides the necessary guidance for event development, content creation, and chapter growth. In this, your chapter can successfully contribute to the community in which you operate, no matter the industry or profession.


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