Part 2 – Marketing Ideas to Close out the Year

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2016. What a year!

And what better way to celebrate the end of the year by implementing a few marketing ideas to boost membership value and collect some non-dues revenues. As follow-up to last month’s look at how word-of-mouth marketing tactics can be taken to new heights for chapter success, we have compiled a list of twenty-five concrete ideas to close out the year, broken down to five categories: Communication, Membership, Specials and Freebies, and Special Events or Community Involvement.

The list includes digital marketing tactics, which often generate the best return on investment, especially when that investment may only be your board volunteers’ time as well as other ideas to share the good work your chapter does for the industry and the community.


  • Utilize social media tactics for sharing your information. Encourage members and non-members alike to engage with you on social media. You can easily add social media to the footer of your chapter website built though StarChapter.

  • Create a President’s letter conveniently with an email template.

  • Schedule emails out ahead of time so you don’t have to do anything on specific key holiday dates, yet still ensure the message is shared.

  • Send out reminder postcards about upcoming important events in the New Year. While this should also be sent via email, sending a physical postcard offers members a tangible item to hang somewhere visible.

  • Collect contact information from prospects and encourage members to update their contact information.

  • Provide details about board transitions on the website and at meeting, including a refresher as to the duties associated with each board position

    . Share information with your members about the new board members.



  • Create a “Thank You” email where you thank your members or the community-at-large for their continued service and support. With this, offer a recommendation to renew or join.

  • Conduct an End of Year survey to capture the voice of your members as you plan for the next year. This blog post includes the 5 steps to creating a successful member survey through your StarChapter software.

  • Supply your members with a summary or Year in Review based on reports created easily within StarChapter.

  • Generate more non-dues revenues by offering to sponsors a free upgrade, the opportunity to buy a higher membership for the price of a lower membership level.

  • Provide a detailed account of what is expected from members in the New Year. Base this in the facts obtained in the Year-End reports or in the member survey.



  • Send out a Holiday Greeting to members that is in line with your chapter’s mission and membership demographics.

  • Be festive and have a holiday social gathering that caters to your members.

  • Propose a holiday offer with discounted membership rate. Discount as much as works for your chapter, such as half off local dues, for which you would need to connect with national to make this happen.


Specials and Freebies

  • Gift something useful branded with chapter logo to members who pay by the end of the year. Everyone will enjoy receiving a gift!

  • Offer a buy one get one (BOGO) option to members to encourage them to bring a friend to meetings and social events.

  • Inspire an idea of exclusivity through limited time offers aimed at reminding your members how important they are to your chapter’s success.

  • Provide coupons and vouchers to encourage early-bird event registrations. This can be set up effortlessly with StarChapter.


Special Events or Community Involvement

  • Have an end of year culminating event to celebrate a successful year. This doesn’t have to be holiday related.

  • Host a meet and greet with the new board volunteers. Events such as this will ensure you members know who to talk to when they have issues arise.

  • Organize an award ceremony to honor those who have served your chapter throughout the year.

  • Invite members to bring donations for charity as entrance into a drawing for free membership in the next year or free attendance at the yearly conference. This allows your members to serve the greater community and it might even receive good press.

  • Plan a fundraising event to stay engaged in the industry and those the industry serves. For instance, raise money for a scholarship fund. People like to give during the holidays.

  • Host a charity event for a cause that is important in your community or to your industry. Giving back goes a long way to build a solid reputation within your local community.

  • Arrange volunteer opportunities for your members. Get your chapter’s name out into the community through positive action performed by your members.


This list is good for all chapters, no matter the industry in which they operate. As you plan for your own chapter, be certain to take the chapter’s mission and goals into consideration as you combine the above in any way that works to ensure chapter’s success in 2017.


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  1. Deborah

    Dec. 28, 2016

    Love the ideas.

  2. Alyssa Ellington

    Dec. 7, 2016

    This is a great list of tips-thank you!! I have some great ideas to bring back to our chapter now.



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