The 6 Tools Every Chapter Should Use

The 6 Tools Every Chapter Should Use

Every chapter is different. This is a fact. Depending on industry and region, the needs of members and the goals of chapters will vary greatly, both within a national association or in altogether different associations. The simple reality is that each chapter has their own culture and leadership style. Even so, there are some tools that all chapters can benefit from employing, especially if they want to achieve growth and effectively serve member value.

Here are the top 6 tools every chapter should be relying on to achieve success:

1. Year-end Reports. Year-end reports provide necessary feedback toward the achievement of chapter goals. This can be taken a step further with monthly reports and requests for member feedback about activities.

2. Community. The local community in which the chapter operates should be included in planning and execution of activities. Generally, the value the chapter offers members benefits the community at large. 

3. Networking. Provide a variety of opportunities for your members to network both within the chapter and with community members, whether organizations or individuals.

4. Email Communication. The utilization of email remains essential to share information with members about upcoming events, request information, and send reminders about renewals.

5. Marketing. Build a campaign and market the chapter and its events to current members, prospects, and community members. Be creative and really make the way you share information memorable.

6. Association Management Software. Utilizing a software system to help manage the chapter helps ensure a smooth administration of chapter activities for your volunteer leaders. StarChapter provides a self-accessible and vast knowledgebase as well as an expert customer support team.


Of course, there are other tools that would be of use to chapters, but these 6 are essential to the achievement of chapter goals and member value realization. Combined, these tools can help your volunteer leadership transform the chapter into a well-oiled machine, operating in the best interest of members and prospects alike. Growth is inevitable.


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