Giving the Gift of Appreciation

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Member Appreciation

Shower your membership with flowers. No, not literally. But you get the idea. Show your members how important they are to the chapter by showering them with a little bit of adoration for their participation. Any time is really an ideal time to accomplish this task. 

Focusing on the appreciation you have for your members builds value for them. Here are 9 ideas to help you express your gratitude:

  1. With small chapters, make (or buy) a nice cake – or donuts and coffee if it is a morning meeting.
  2. Have the board volunteers write handwritten notes to each member expressing personalized gratitude.
  3. Publicly praise for a job well done.
  4. Hold a raffle with prizes, such as gift cards, community event tickets, free dues, or some other item with a monetary value.
  5. Seek donations of free passes to an industry related activity and give to all members.
  6. Give out buttons or knickknack style trophies that exemplify your appreciation.
  7. Invite members in attendance to offer a standing ovation to standout members.
  8. Create an electronic wall of fame to showcase members – maybe even all members.
  9. Offer ice cream. Who doesn’t like ice cream even when the temperature drops?


These ideas truly can be applied anytime during the year. In fact, you can certainly spread out the appreciation – provide it as often as possible so your members want to always be in attendance just to see what might happen next. Make your meetings fun and exciting along with doing the business of the chapter. In this way, it will entice prospects to become members and inspire current members to get more involved.

It is a win-win endeavor – show appreciation and build the chapter at the same time.


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