3 Keys to Success Every Chapter President Should Know

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You have prepared for your new role as chapter president through other activities such as participating in a committee, serving as chairperson, performing in other officer roles, and the list goes on. Your time in the chapter has led to this moment by way of your contributions to chapter success.

The position of a chapter president is no small task to undertake. Your duties will include ensuring the smooth management of the chapter, evaluating (along with other board members) the successes of your chapter, lead the team and membership to achieve chapter goals, and be a driving force behind value realization by chapter members.

Here are three keys to achieving success as a chapter president and for the chapter.


1. Organize.

This process begins before the board transition, possibly even before your election as president-elect. Knowing exactly what goes into being the president for your local chapter is of utmost importance here. Participate in training for those on a board leadership track. Once the transition is complete, stay on top of chapter data and leadership participation. StarChapter makes this process simple with reports that can be managed with the click of a button. As president, you will know what is going on within the chapter. And this will open the first door toward becoming successful in the role.


2. Collaborate.

Remember that even as the principal leader of the board, you are part of a team of volunteer leaders. To be most successful, it is a necessity that you work with the entire board, utilizing each members’ skills and abilities in the best interest of the chapter. A shared leadership model allows for each board member to participate in a manner that they are most comfortable, under the guidance of a president that truly values the engagement of everyone on the board. This is an essential way to open the second door toward chapter success while also avoiding board member burnout.


3. Listen.

Make yourself available to both the volunteer leadership team and the membership of the chapter. Take the time to truly listen to the needs of members. Conduct surveys where needed and utilize those reports to ensure you understand of how each member gains value from the chapter, both individually and collectively. Then, work with the board to put steps toward success into action, showing appreciation to your members so they know they are the most important key to success for the chapter.

As president, you can more easily complete your duties through organizing, collaborating, and listening. These keys to your leadership will shape how you lead and how the chapter functions. These collective achievements will allow you to take the chapter to new heights, allowing each member to feel like a valued star within the chapter.


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