Spring “Clean” Your Way to Chapter Success

Spring Clean Your Way to Chapter Success

Spring. Temperatures rise. Snow melts. And coming to light are all those unfinished jobs that need a fresh look. Now is the time to setup a committee and take a look at key operating practices to ensure an efficient process. This spring cleaning can then run into your chapter planning for the next year.

1. Clean up your membership list:

  • Update email addresses, deleting those that get bounced back.
  • Send an email prompting members to verify their contact information.
  • Make sure all members are up-to-date on their dues.

2. Reach out to all non-member guests:

  • Send an email to those who never officially joined your chapter.
  • Plan a meet and greet event for those prospects that have attended more than once.
  • Create a target list to maintain contact and hopefully convert prospects.
  • Consider adding discounts or even free membership offers for a year, especially if you are close to the next membership threshold goal.

3. Refresh your marketing plan:

  • Conduct a survey of members to determine if your current messaging is accomplishing its goal.
  • Change up your approach & analyze your target markets– that is make sure you are reaching those you are trying to reach.
  • If necessary, create a new tagline and slogan to reach both members and prospects alike.
  • It is okay to leave things as they are, if they truly are working. The process to refresh does not always mean change – just to examine and change if need be.

4. Balance your budget:

  • Check your expenditures against your budget, noting where there were differences.
  • Look at where you went over budget and evaluate why. 
  • Are there ways to make cuts in the budget plan that won’t impact the function of the chapter.
  • Make adjustment to the chapter plan based on the revaluation of the budget.

Change is good. Evaluating your chapter’s successes and areas that need improvement helps to evolve your chapter toward all the success that you pursue. And you don’t have to limit your focuses to the above 4 areas. Simply ask your members what they think needs changing and work with them to grow your chapter in the best way possible.  

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