Order Manager Update

Updated: May. 20, 2015  

We have recently released an updated Order Manager that includes a more robust filter and additional spreadsheet options. The filter now includes options to filter by date, order status, specific meeting or catalog and specific items. To filter by specific items, first choose a meeting or catalog and then choose specific items. To open or close all filter panels, simply click on the Toggle Filter link located at the bottom of the filter. You can also click on individual panels to open or close them.




There are now 3 options for exporting a spreadsheet from the Order Manager: Order Summary, Payment Details and Order Details. The Order Summary option will export the spreadsheet as a summary of the data. Records will show the last payment applied to an order. The Payment Details option will export the spreadsheet with each payment on a separate line. The Order Details option will export the spreadsheet with each order on a separate line. To choose one of these options, click on the Spreadsheet button located above the table of orders. A pop-up will then appear with the 3 different options. We have also added the ability to change the name of the file being exported.


For more information on the Order Manager, please visit our user guide.

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