Chapter Management Perfection is Overrated

Managing a chapter takes time and effort to accomplish all the necessary tasks to achieve success – however success is defined. Planning events. Communicating with members. Training for member’s career advancement. Board transitions. Service to the community-at-large.

The list could go on.

Instead of striving for perfection look at chapter management and all its parts, as a focus on making most of your members engaged, rather than a perfectly managed chapter.

Too often, leaders work diligently on one area of chapter management in the hopes of achieving perfection, oftentimes at the expense of other chapter management needs. Through our relationships with numerous chapter leaders we have seen this happen all too often.  The most common example of this is the chapter that spends thousands of dollars on a beautiful, modern website who is then left with no budget for other necessary tools to manager their chapter: email communication, event registration, membership management, etc. 

In order to achieve chapter success without the pressure of perfection, follow our 5 tips:

  1. Pay attention to levels for success. Set clear goals within a few top priority areas while at the same time understanding that success for your chapter is truly measured holistically, rather than just as a sum of those parts. Conduct a survey of your members to see where you stand in achieving those goals.
  2. Do not focus on trying to be “perfect” in only one aspect of your success goals. Balance out your time and energy in all aspects of your chapter. In this way, you can see your growth and your success.
  3. Strive for milestones not perfection.  Perfection will never happen. Strive to meet milestones and have a consensus of engaged members that feel they are receiving the benefits they were hoping to receive.
  4. Use a multi-methodological approach to measure success. While surveys are great, and should be utilized, employing other methods will improve the overall analysis of your chapter’s current status. 
  5. Focus on engagement with members. If your members aren’t attending meetings because they don’t feel welcome or as if they are receiving quality benefits, then your chapter isn’t doing its job. Work toward engaging members and prospective members.  

Chapter leadership should work diligently to provide value to each member. Clear goals with specific milestones in place provide the evidence of success – not the elusive state of “perfection.”

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