Part 2: Getting Members Active in Your Chapter

Last month, Part 1 of our 3-part series examined how to engage non-members with the goal of converting them to members. Now, we explore the next phase on the journey along the membership engagement scale: active participation in the chapter and all the value it offers members.

A key component at every stage of engagement is that chapter members, as well as prospects, remain the center of chapter activities and practices. But knowing exactly how engaged they are, and if they are engaged enough, must become a goal of measuring the success of your chapter. Active engagement begins simply with members being present at a meeting.

Level 5:  Attend a conference as a member, either within the chapter or association.

Beyond standard member meetings, there are conferences. The more active a member is, the more conferences they will attend and the more they will benefit from conference attendance. As a more engaged member, attending a conference not only bolsters their industry knowledge, but it helps with building a career-related network of like-minded potential colleagues. StarChapter can help you track their continued attendance and participation in those extras that every conference offers to attendees. End-of-Conference surveys can also help with assessing both the value of the conference and the impact it has on a member’s likelihood to stay engaged with your chapter.

Level 6:   Share their story at a chapter meeting.

Every member has a story. They have traveled a journey that led them to membership in your local chapter. They may be long time industry experts or new to the career, entry level with a strong desire to learn and grow. Either way, they have something to share with the whole of the chapter. The value their experience brings is difficult to measure, but it offers clear common ground by which members can connect with one another. And if members feel connected to one another, they are often more likely to attend future events. Not only that, but sharing one’s own journey helps them expand their own skills and confidence with regard to presentation, both of which can positively impact their own career advancement.

Level 7: Recruit colleagues to attend meetings and become chapter members.

When members are engaged and happy with the value that the chapter offers them as members, they are more likely to invite their colleagues and industry-specific friends to attend chapter events. This should be a goal for your chapter, as this is one of the best ways to grow your chapter membership. It is also a way for members to take ownership for the quality of the chapter, which may lead them to take on a greater role in leadership activities.

Here's Part 3: Becoming a Leader in Your Chapter, where we explore an active member’s transition into leadership engagement levels more closely.

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