How to add a coupon that can be redeemed for meeting registration

Updated: May. 20, 2015  

One of the new features of the redesigned Meetings section is the ability to add coupons that are redeemable during the registration process. To add a coupon, navigate to the Coupons and Vouchers page located under the Meetings section. Click on the Coupons tab at the top of the page and then the Add a Coupon button.

On the next screen, first fill in the name of the coupon in the Name field. This is for the backend only and will not appear anywhere on the front end of your website.

Next, enter the discount amount in the Amount field that will be connected with this coupon. Choose aRedemption Code, for example FIRST20, that users will enter on the front end when redeeming this coupon during the registration process.

In the next field, Quantity, you have the option to have an unlimited or limited amount of coupons. The limited option may be useful if, for example, you are doing a promotion where you only want to give a discount to the first 20 people who sign up for the meeting. In this case, you would chose Limited Quantity and then set theNumber of Coupons to be 20, thus allowing only 20 people to redeem the discount.

In the Redemption limit per user field, you can set the number of times a user is able to use this coupon. If you leave the number as 0, a user can use this coupon as many times as they would like. If you set the number to 1, a user will only be able to use this coupon once. You can choose any positive number to use here.

In the optional Comments field, you can add notes or comments about this coupon. This is for backend purposes only and is used as a description of the coupon.

Set a Start Date and Expiration Date for the coupon. Finally, if you want this coupon to apply to a specific meeting, choose that meeting from the Specific Meeting drop-down list. If you would like this coupon to apply to all meetings, leave this option blank. Click the Next button once all of the fields are filled in on this screen.

In the next step you have the option to restrict the coupon to certain groups. If you would like everyone to be able to redeem the coupon, choose the first option, Everyone. If you would like to restrict this, choose the appropriate option from the others listed. Once satisfied, click the Next button.

The last step is the Review and Create step. Here, you can review the details of the coupon and make any necessary changes. If you would like to change anything, click the Edit button next to the appropriate section. Click the Create button at the bottom of the page to add your new coupon.

For more information about adding coupons, please visit our User Guide.

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