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Updated: Feb. 14, 2018  

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Five ways to add value for your organization's sponsors

Sponsorship is a great way for businesses to give back to their communities and advance their associated professions, but many business owners may not see it that way. To entice local businesses to sponsor your organization, you'll need to make sure that you have definite benefits to offer them. A good chapter management solution like StarChapter will give you tools to add value to your sponsorships. Here are five concrete benefits you can offer to your next potential sponsor:

1. Free Meeting Registrations. For year-round sponsorship, give your sponsor a coupon code good for the cost of a registration. You can set a redemption limit when creating the coupon so the sponsor can use it as many times as you'd like to allow. If the sponsorship is for a particular event, it's even easier. Just create a guest ticket named "Meeting Sponsorship" with a higher price.

2. Classified job listings. Do you normally charge for non-members to place classified ads on your website? Posting your sponsor's job listing is a win-win situation. Members will find an employer who is interested in advancing the professional field, and the sponsor will catch the attention of qualified local professionals. Classifieds are managed in StarChapter as part of the Content Manager.

3. Logo or QR code on badges. If you print name badges for your meetings, you can easily add your sponsor's logo on all badges by editing the badge templates under the Meeting Manager settings. Does your sponsor have a QR code? That can be integrated into the graphic so every attendee will have your sponsor's contact information at hand. You can also add a graphic into your badges if you create them using a mail merge in a desktop application.

4. Ad space on your website. With StarChapter, you can easily add sponsor graphics to specific pages or all pages using the Page Content section. The Sponsor Rotator section template rotates through sponsor logos and can be restricted to a specific sponsorship category, so you can easily give your top-paying sponsors more prominent placement.

5. Mention in your newsletter or meeting announcements. Sponsors' graphics are included by default in the newsletter e-mail template in StarChapter, but you can always add some promotional information for your sponsor in the meeting description.

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