Keep the Chapter Running When Board Members are Out

Updated: May. 28, 2015  

On most association boards, every member has a specific job. This makes chapter management easier for everyone, until the only person who knows how to do an essential task goes on an unexpected leave of absence. Emergencies (and vacations, luckily) sometimes happen, and your association has to keep running when they do.

  • Develop Written Procedures
    Ensure each board member has a backup. A clear procedures manual with the chapter's practices and policies should be stored in a mutually accessible place. Secure online document storage is a simple solution.

    In StarChapter, you can upload board-only documents through the Downloads section. A side benefit of storing these on the website is that board members will see the documents regularly and will know that they're available.

  • Don't have time to write up your procedures?
    Keep a file of board resources. StarChapter's user's guide and online video tutorials can be a great resource for board members who suddenly need a hand.

  • Think: Understudies!
    The 'show must go on' is true in every industry. When each person has an assigned back-up, you can train that person in advance to take over another member's duties. StarChapter conducts weekly group training sessions and there is no additional charge for your board members to attend these and learn more about how to do your chapter's essential tasks. E-mail StarChapter Support for upcoming dates and call-in details.

  • Create a contact list of members who previously served in a position or list your technical support who can assist anyone who is taking up another member's duties. All StarChapter packages include support. Contact resources are available in your website's administrative area.

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