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Updated: Mar. 24, 2017  

Encourage Participation by Rewarding the Most Active Members

An active membership is crucial to a successful organization but how do you increase member activity? Offering rewards to your most active members is an excellent way to do this. An active member could be defined by the number of meetings they attend or how many times they login to the members-only area of your website during a defined time frame, for example 3 months, 6 months or 1 year. With StarChapter it's easy to gather this information.

To find your top meeting attendees, go to the Meeting Attendance for Members report, located in the Meetings Charts and Reports. On this screen you can filter the results based on your time frame and see the members with the top attendance.

To find the most active members in the members-only area of your website, go to the Website Activity report located in the Membership Charts and Reports. You can filter these results using the same time frame to see the members with the most logins.

Once you have gathered information on your most active members, it's time to give them a reward for their participation! You may chose to reward all members who meet your criteria (for example, all members who login at least 10 times and attend 3 meetings within a 6 month time frame) or only offer the reward to the top members with the most activity for your time frame. Here are some of our reward suggestions:

1. Voucher for one free meeting registration. This allows the member to use the voucher for a meeting of their choosing and it also keeps them involved in chapter activities.

2. Discount member dues. You could discount the dues rate these most active members pay by 5% or 10%. The member will feel valued and you are guaranteed that your more active members will stay a part of your organization.

3. Spotlight the top members on your website. This is a smaller reward than our previous two but this can have the same benefit of making your members feel valued and appreciated. It's easy to add the Member Spotlight to any area of your website and this allows other members to see who is most active in the chapter and can motivate them to do the same.

4. Free ad space. You could offer a sponsorship spot for a month or two to the most active members who could use the spot to promote their company. Members can promote their business and your organization could gain a new (paying) advertiser once the free period has expired.

These suggestions are a great way to make your top members feel like a valuable part of your organization and can motivate other members to become more active.

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