So You're the New President. Now What?

Updated: May. 19, 2015  

Will your chapter grow and make money?

This may be two questions but the answers are directly related to each other. Making more money will be tied to either increasing your membership or your member participation in events and activities. It is very unlikely that any growth will occur if you continue doing the same things as before so by focusing on improving areas that affect member participation and attracting new members, you can help your chapter grow.

There are many areas to concentrate on to achieve both an increase in member participation and overall membership. Take a look at some of our suggestions:

  • Create new and exciting meetings or events that are relevant to your members and prospects. Try a change of venue or a new guest speaker to keep your meetings interesting. This encourages existing members to attend meetings and can also attract new members. It's easy to add a new meeting with StarChapter.

  • Let people know about your meetings and events.  It doesn't matter how exicting your next meeting is if no one knows about it. The email manager makes it easy to send out meeting and event annoucements to existing members and prospects so you can be assured your membership is aware of what's happening.

  • Reward your most active members. Encourage participation by recognizing and rewarding those members that are a cut above the rest.

  • Improve your website with member value-added features. These include an enhanced membership directory with member profiles, job boards, blogs, forums, online-meeting registration and payment, surveys, and a regular newsletter. Your StarChapter service includes all of these features and they are easy to add. You can find information about each in ourknowledgebase.

Improving the way your chapter interacts with its members will attract new members and help retain existing members. You'll see increased meeting attendance and revenue. You'll see more prospect activity and new member sign ups and your existing members will continue to renew and get involved for many years to come.

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