Listen to Your Members

Updated: May. 19, 2015  

Use the survey functionality to collect valuable feedback from your membership.

Running a chapter or organization can be a daunting task for any board but using surveys to find out what your members want (and don't want) can simplify the process. StarChapter makes it easy to create surveys for your members through the Survey Manager. Surveys will appear on your website and can be open to the public or to members only and can also be emailed through the Email Manager. There are numerous ways that surveys can be used to collect feedback from your members but here are a few of our suggestions:

  • See how a recent meeting was received. Surveys are a valuable tool in collecting feedback on recent meetings. You could present specific questions regarding the topic or speaker (such as Was this topic relevant to you?) or you could allow members to provide open-ended comments about the meeting.

  • Gather suggestions for future meetings. Maybe there is a list of topics that your board is trying to decide between when setting up the coming year's meetings. Why not bring your membership in on the decision? You could present the list and ask your members to vote for their top 5 choices. This is a great way to include your membership on a decision that will directly benefit them.

  • Vote for the new board. Instead of emailing a form that must be manually filled out and sent back, use a survey to quickly and easily present the new board member choices for a vote. You can even email a direct link to the survey through the Email Manager to ensure your membership votes in the coming election.

Take advantage of StarChapter's survey functionality to find out what's most important to your membership. By listening to your members you can continue to grow and improve your chapter for many years to come.

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