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Updated: May. 19, 2015  

How to Make it Awesome

Most membership organizations write a monthly newsletter as a way to keep in touch, but how many are doing it effectively? If you use a newsletter to communicate with your association, keep in mind the information within the newsletter needs to be relevant and engaging to the audience. But don’t let the need for creating new content each month scare you away from using this extremely valuable communication tool.

Newsletter Content

Feeling stuck for what to put in your association newsletter?

Try using the following segments as a way to jumpstart your newsletter content.

  • Message from the President
  • Featured Member/Member of the Month
  • Summary of Previous Meeting(s)
  • New Members
  • Upcoming Meeting Schedule

Using these features regularly each month will give you a place to start to get your writing juices flowing.

Feel free to add relevant and timely articles, tips and more as desired. Photos from past events make great additions to the newsletter as well.

Don’t add irrelevant items just to “fill up” the newsletter – if information is not applicable to members, eventually they will stop reading it.

Creating Your Newsletter

There are a variety of email services which offer pre-made templates for newsletters and keep track of email addresses.

However, a better solution is using membership organization software which has an email capability. Using such an association management tool prevents you from having to maintain multiple databases or lists of members and their contact information.

Many membership organization software companies will have professional design services, and will help customize your newsletter template and add images, such as your association’s logo.

Another advantage of membership management software is you can easily segment your email list, so you can create emails for specific subcommittees or board members.

Newsletter Frequency

The most common frequency for creating an association newsletter is monthly. However, you may need to send out other emails between publications, such as event invitations or member surveys. Aim to space out the emails so your organization’s members are not receiving multiple emails in a short span of time. The trick is finding the perfect balance of keeping members informed in a timely manner, yet not filling up your members’ inboxes.

When in doubt, ask yourself “Can this announcement go in the newsletter?” If the answer is yes, it doesn’t need its own separate email.


A newsletter is a great tool for communicating with your association’s members. Combining great content, design and frequency will make your newsletter awesome.

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