5 Ideas to Improve Networking for Your Association Member Engagement

Updated: Mar. 8, 2021  |  Categories: Low Engagement  

5 Ideas to Improve Networking for Your Association Member Engagement

We’re all still there, looking for ways to better connect with and attract association chapter members and guests; holding another virtual happy hour just isn’t going to cut it. With all the virtual meetings people are required to attend, for them to choose and actually enjoy your events, you’ll need to kick things up a few notches.  

Here are some virtual ideas you may not have considered, to pique their interest and get them to tell other members and friends that they must attend.

Campfire. Many of your members are missing the connection that comes with being together in person. Hold a virtual campfire. Adapt a campfire to your needs. Add a facilitator and give it a party feel, with icebreakers, music, interactive storytelling, breakout rooms for networking, and bonding over making smores using make-at-home s’mores kits sent to each participant.  

Comedy night. Comedians can bring people together, foster community and decrease stress and anxiety. There’s no better time than now to help your members out in those areas. Depending on your budget, you could book a celebrity comedian, sketch comedy act, musical comedy performer or family friendly stand-up comedian. Include time before the show starts for networking and consider partnering with another association chapter to expand your reach and book a larger act.

Team Trivia. Consider combining a virtual team trivia with a virtual happy hour for the fun of an in-person trivia event, without the need to charge for music and food. Use the trivia companies standard questions and add unique questions you craft about your chapter, your members and your industry. Trivia has countless variations, so it could also be a good fit for an association chapter event series. It’s also an activity that could work well in partnership with other organizations, and since it’s virtual, those organizations could be pretty much anywhere.

Book club. Book clubs are a natural fit for virtual events; there’s no need to be in the same room to foster great conversation and discussion. Ask your association chapter members what industry-related titles they’d like to read and discuss. Don’t forget to encourage attendees to have wine and cheese or other food and drink. You could even provide food delivery as part of the cost of attendance.

Game night. Countless virtual game companies provide association chapters with a range of options. Try something simple, like an online version of Pictionary, where players guess a word from a drawing that’s being done in real time, or something more involved, like a hosted murder mystery (remember the game Clue?), where members and guests choose roles and get intimately involved in the events of the evening.

These are just a few of the countless lighthearted teambuilding options that can bring your members and guests together virtually for good conversation and laughter. Try one, or a few, to help get the conversation started, an event they’ll remember, talk about and most likely find more interesting and fun than a Zoom networking event.

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