A Tough Economy Is an Even Bigger Reason for a Chapter Membership Job Board

Updated: Sep. 6, 2020  |  Categories: Membership  

A Tough Economy Is an Even Bigger Reason for a Chapter Membership Job Board

Many of your association members are feeling more than a little stress these days. Unemployment in the US is high (11 percent in June 2020), and there’s a good chance you have more than a few members who’ve been furloughed, laid off, or feel they’ll be losing their job soon.  

As a chapter, you’ve added a few things to try to help them decrease that stress, like:

  • Holding online meetings and events, to connect them with other members and companies
  • Decreasing the cost of some events, to make it easier to attend
  • Starting a chapter forum on your website, to give members a place to connect with others experiencing similar things


There is one more thing you can do:  set up a job board on your website to connect association members looking for work with the companies that need them. Chapter job boards are much more effective for members and companies than searching through jobs and resumes on large aggregator websites, and they provide significant value to both those looking for jobs and those looking for experienced, qualified candidates.

Benefits to Members & Companies

  • Members hear about jobs sooner. Often these openings are posted to the chapter job board before they’re seen on any of the larger, less personal websites. Plus, there’s a good chance the hiring manager is a chapter member (or knows a chapter member well).
  • Companies review fewer, but stronger resumes. Rather than searching through dozens of candidates, many of them often unqualified, companies more easily find vetted, qualified candidates.
  • A shorter hiring process. Fewer, but more suitable candidates make hiring a more effective process that takes less time than working through a hiring agency or impersonal job site.


Chapter Benefits

  • Increase engagement. You’re providing that extra support your existing members, and potentially new ones, need right now.
  • Generate non-dues revenue. Chapters can charge companies to post listings to their job boards (but not charge members to post their resumes or review openings), providing another source of revenue in these tough times.
  • Connect with industry partners. Companies will remember how working with your chapter helped them find quality candidates, which can make it easier for you to connect with them in other areas, such as speaking engagements and sponsorship


Openings get a lot exposure on aggregator job sites, which can be good. And it can be bad. Sure, there are lots of jobs for people to explore, and there are a lot of candidates to review, but often they’re the wrong jobs and the wrong candidates. A chapter job board can shorten the process, connecting the right person and the right job sooner, decreasing the associated costs, the headaches and a bit of the stress, for everyone involved.

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