Video is key to your sponsor strategy

Updated: Dec. 30, 2019  |  Categories: Revenues  

Video is Key to Your Sponsor Strategy

Your sponsorship strategy is strong and it’s working. You offer multiple levels for your sponsors to choose from, as well as a range of benefits and costs that appeal to different groups. And you have a plan for marketing your sponsorship program, which helps bring in sponsors and keep them.

But sometimes that plan doesn’t seem to be as effective as you’d like. To keep your existing sponsors involved in your chapter, and to bring in new ones, it’s important to always look for ways to better engage and educate, both about your chapter and its members and the benefits of sponsorship. 

Does your sponsorship plan include video testimonials? Video marketing allows your potential sponsors to hear directly from your existing sponsors how they benefit from their connection to your chapter.

To some, video is stronger than the written word when it comes to believability. Written testimonials from Joe Smith on your website about your sponsorship program are great, but people often give videos more credibility, because video is seen as being harder to fake.

There are a few ways to develop video testimonials using your existing sponsors, including:

  • Semi-scripted videos that show your sponsors answering questions about how being a sponsor has helped their business. Provide guidelines ahead of time and a list of questions you may ask. The goal is for them to talk from the heart, not memorize their responses, as the tone of a memorized speech can come across as being less credible.
  • Sponsor stories, where sponsors discuss one specific aspect of their sponsorship and show how it positively impacted a part of their business.
  • “In the moment” videos, which can be incredibly effective without being super professional, expensive, or scary to record. Today’s smart phones take high-quality video. Pull aside a sponsor at your next event and record their thoughts – on the event and their part in it as a sponsor – with your phone. Have some questions planned ahead of time, so you’re ready to ask when you see them.


Video testimonials are their most effective when they’re shorter. Encourage a genuine, casual conversation where there just happen to be cameras recording. The more genuine the conversation, the more believable the testimonial.

The goal is to get across why your sponsors choose your chapter, and the value they get from doing so. To get the most you can from these videos, use them in multiple ways, including posting them on your website, sending them to potential sponsors in an email campaign, and getting them out through your social media channels.

There is almost no better way to get someone to sign up for something (i.e. to become a sponsor) than by watching someone else share how the activity has benefitted their organization.

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