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StarChapter helps AMCs, Administrators and Executive Directors expand their business while increasing membership, attendance and revenues for associations and local chapters they manage.

The StarChapter Preferred Vendor Program (SPVP) makes it easy for current and prospective customers to select the best, prequalified third party consultants to work with, such as association management companies, administrators, and executive directors.

The SPVP Goal is to increase the quality and scope of business for both StarChapter and its preferred vendors.

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Active referrals through the StarChapter Support and Sales Teams

Special discount off the setup fee for every new customer signup*

Referral fee of $100 for each new customer signup*

Visibility on StarChapter’s marketing materials

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Co-branded marketing resources to boost brand awareness

Permission to use the SPVP badge in marketing resources

Dedicated and ongoing training for staff and users of the software

Access to video tutorials and library of knowledgebase articles

$  Special Pricing

Preferred vendors receive a special discount off the setup fee for every new customer signing up for StarChapter.  

*Prices are subject to change. Discounts do not apply to Starter.


I've been working with Star Chapter for 5+ years and we have moved from one client to 18 clients on the system. It is easy to use, affordable and has wonderful support. The support team is what keeps my staff on top of changes and creative solutions for client wish lists. They are also great at answering questions in a timely manner. Our AMC clients have loved the reporting, look and feel and overall ease of use for the website. They have a fully integrated website that meets all of their needs from email and event registration to membership management and newsletter updates. Overall, this is my top recommendation for a website for our clients at AMC!

— Logan Beszterda
AMC - Association Management Consultants, LLC

StarChapter Preferred Vendors


AMC-Association Management Consultants, L.L.C.

Texas   |   11-50 on Staff 

AMC-Association Management Consultants, L.L.C.
Not for Profit - 501c6 or c3 Organizations

AMC-Association Management Consultants, L.L.C.'s purpose is to help not for profit organizations and allow board members to concentrate time, energy and resources to grow the mission and goals of the organization.


Association Solutions

Utah   |   11-50 on Staff 

Association Solutions
Associations/Non-Profit Organizations

An association management company based in Utah. We specialize in helping new association begin, or help struggling associations move to the next level in association professionalism.


Creative Association Management Co

Midwest & National   |   2-10 on Staff 

Creative Association Management Co
Professional business trade associations 

Creative Association Management provides affordable options for a complete range of administrative, communication, public relations, meeting planning, program development, and management support services to clients including associations, trade organizations, and other non-profit groups.


Southwest   |   1 on Staff 

AAF - Tucson, FEA - Tucson

Administration and Operations Management for non-profit professional trade associations and charitable organizations. Includes but not limited to services such as membership recruitment and retention, volunteer coordination, event planning, accounting and financial reporting, fundraising, communications, public relations, and records management.


Best Association Management

All different types of non profits   |   3-10 on Staff 

Best Association Management
Association Management Company 

Full service association management company providing a wide range of services for non-profit groups. In today's world, association members have less time to spend on volunteer matters. Recruiting and retaining key volunteers can be very difficult without staff support.


Glatz Management Services

Northern Illinois-Chicago   |   3-10 on Staff 

Glatz Management Services
Non-profit Organization Management 

AMC providing professional association management services to a wide variety of non-profit organizations. They help grow organizational membership, plan meetings and events, provide financial management, assist with strategic planning as well as board oversight.


Paragon Events

United States   |   11-50 on Staff 

Paragon Events

Paragon Events Association Management provides a full range of association management and event services. Each program is tailored to meet specific organizational and program objectives and ultimately, to grow regional, national, and global associations through: Executive Leadership and governance, Financial Management, Member Services, Marketing Services, Administration headquarters, Event Management and Growing by helping you grow.


Western Advocates, Inc.

Oregon & Washington   |   3-10 on Staff 

Western Advocates, Inc.
No Limitations 

The cornerstone of Western Advocates, Inc. business is our commitment to delivering advocacy and association management services at an unrivaled level of quality. The intensive experience and training of our staff has enabled the company to not only successfully represent our clients before a wide array of state and local government agencies, but also to manage overall association activities when needed.


Wisconsin Association Management

Midwest   |   3-10 on Staff 

Wisconsin Association Management (WAM), LLC
Real Estate, Professional Services Organization (Appraisers, Roofers, Assessors, Bankers, Home Inspectors), Medical Groups (Nurses, Doctors) 

WAM's motto is "implementation and execution." Imagine your organization in the hands of experts so you can do what you do best!



United States   |   3-10 on Staff 

Professional Associations, Non-profit Organizations 

Aespire is a digital agency that empowers courageous leaders to communicate the value and relevance of their mission. We practice the disciplines of positioning, strategic alignment, and design thinking to help leaders raise their voice, engage their communities, and expand their influence in a digital and social world. The result is engaging and inspirational communications that align brand, strategy, story, and purpose with the hearts and minds of the communities your organization serves.


Higher Image

Pennsylvania   |   11-50 on Staff 

Higher Image
Marketing Services 

We specialize in creating better brands that increase revenue across all channels and on all devices. Using the latest technology, we brand, design and market for organizations across the globe. We work with all types of industries.


Higher Image

United States   |   11-50 on Staff 

Association Services Group
Open to associations in all industries 

Association Services Group provides professional management services to trade associations, membership societies and not‐for‐profit organizations. We are one of 81 AMCs in the United States that have met the standards for accreditation and are now recognized as having received AMCI Accreditation.


AG Smith & Associates, LLC

Southeast US   |   3-10 on Staff 

AG Smith & Associates, LLC
Human Resources, Talent Development 

AG Smith is an association management firm focusing on nonprofit trade associations. Services include administrative, operations and financial management, Website, mailing and member management, conference, tradeshow, meetings and events planning and management, sponsor and exhibitor marketing and sales, contract negotiation, strategic planning, membership marketing, dues invoicing and collection and member retention initiatives. Our Director, Art Smith, is a Certified Association Executive.


IMI - Interactive Management Incorporated

Colorado   |   3-10 on Staff 

Interactive Management Incorporated
Association Management, Non-profit Organizations 

Interactive Management Inc.  (IMI) is a full-service association management company dedicated to providing professional association management services to organizations of all sizes. Each one of our clients receive an office headquarters, office equipment and a professional staff.
The IMI staff is experienced in all aspects of association management, providing dependable services to clients across the nation. Since 2002, IMI has remained one of the select few association management companies that uphold the standards of commitment, quality and results of the AMC Institute accreditation program.


Fuerst Consulting Corporation

Upstate New York   |   3-10 on Staff 

Fuerst Consulting Corporation
Marketing Communication, Public Relations 

We are business strategists with a communication focus. We proudly create partnerships with clients by providing a unique mixture of strategy, planning and problem solving across various industries and disciplines. Our clients come in all different shapes and sizes and we are nimble and flexible to provide them the right service at the right time.  For more information, visit www.fuerstcc.com.


Stacie Griffin

West Coast   |   1-2 on Staff 

Stacie Griffin
Commercial and residential real estate organizations as well as purpose driven groups such as environmental, animal/human rights and religious organizations. 

As an independent contractor with low overhead, I provide chapters with comprehensive, professional administration at a fraction of the cost of an agency. I offer general admin, member management, maintain websites, communications, social media, PR and event planning. I oversee day-to-day operations, support Board/Committee initiatives and lead member and sponsor renewals. I serve as liaison between local and national groups and as the point of contact for members, vendors and the media.


Encore Engagement

US - East Coast   |   1-2 on Staff 

Encore Engagement Solutions LLC
Volunteer Management 

Disrupting the Norm! We help associations be more successful. We take an aggressive and simple approach to association management consulting. Whether you have chapters, affiliates, special interest groups or sections or want to create them, we can help provide direct management support or train your association staff.


Stacie Griffin

United States   |   3-10 on Staff 

Profit or Non-Profit Associations 

Celebelle provides virtual administration of StarChapter sites for profit and non-profit associations.



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