The StarChapter Checklist for Successful Board Transitions

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Checklist for Successful Board Transitions

If your board’s term is reaching its end and a new leadership is about to take over, follow the StarChapter Checklist for Successful Board Transitions.

Every nonprofit organization faces a leadership change. It is never a question of whether the board leadership will change, the question is always when and how that will happen

From our experience working with 1,000+ nonprofit organizations, those that follow this checklist reduce the risks and uncertainty in the transition process

What do you need to share with the new leadership? 

  1. Introduce new board members to StarChapter. The best way is to watch these 2 videos about our Services and Features.
  2. Update board member list on your StarChapter website
  3. Advise them to attend StarChapter’s Board Training webinars led by our Support Team.
  4. Forward them this article to explain how technical support works at StarChapter.
  5. Create new Admin User accounts and grant new board members login access to the StarChapter software.
  6. Update information on “Board Transition” tab in the Admin Area of your StarChapter software.
  7. Submit a ticket through the Admin Area to let our Support Team know you need help.
  8. Login to StarChapter Customer Portal to update the Primary Account Contact information with the new board member who will manage the StarChapter account for the organization. 




Looking for quick tips on how to use the StarChapter software to better serve your members and save time? Our new Knowledgebase provides everything you need such as video tutorials, user guides, and articles, specifically designed for board volunteers! All videos are now in a format that does not require an external media player.



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  1. Sue Boisvert

    Oct. 6, 2015

    Wow - this post is terrific! Just in time info for transitioning Board members and keeping the website current. Thanks for the screenshot too - very helpful.



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