5 Rules for Data Security

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There are many benefits to technology. Lives and work are made easier. Member data collection and update is nearly instantaneous. Emails can be scheduled ahead of time. Chapter management simply moves more smoothly.

But like most parts of life, with the good sometimes comes the not so good. The internet is no different. Simply put, websites and electronically stored data are at risk for being hacked. That is a powerful reality in this era of data mining and malicious pilfering in the digital world, which could mean a world of trouble for your local chapter.

As a chapter, you aim to ensure that your data is protected and that your members and prospects know this. Your association management software should have built in safeguards to certify that the data you have collected is safe and secure at all times. If you already use StarChapter, then you are familiar with how safe the data is at a multitude of levels. If you are new to StarChapter, then read this article on the safety measures taken by StarChapter to protect your data.

But protecting the information provided by your chapter’s members goes beyond the extensive security measures we employ. Through this teamwork with StarChapter, you can help prevent hackers from claiming access to your data by following these 5 simple rules.

  1. User login information should not be shared with anyone.
  2. Passwords should be changed periodically, StarChapter recommends about every 3 months.
  3. Guard what you install on your computer. That is, make sure the source is trusted.
  4. Encourage your members to keep their anti-virus software, with firewall, installed and up-to-date.
  5. Remind your members not to link to suspicious URLs from sources they do not know.


Working together as a team with StarChapter can prevent intrusion of your association management software and ensure membership and other data stays secured and stored. Most importantly, chapter leaders must trust membership as part of the team for prevention of the unlikely case of intrusion.

Just like with managing your chapter, success with your data security is a shared responsibility.


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