Simplifying Member Engagement for Chapter Success

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No matter how you measure your engagement success, there will always be obstacles that somehow prevent your members from being fully connected to chapter or its content. Lack of time or motivation seem to create the greatest interference with member engagement, but they can be overcome when simplifying the engagement process.

Here are some common frustrations faced by chapter members and proposed solutions:

The Ever-Forgotten Password.

We have all been there. The account has been set up and, to ensure security, certain conditions had to be met for the established password. Now, the attempt to log in is unsuccessful. As an association chapter, there are some ways you can prevent this frustration that could drive engagement down, especially from potential members.

The Undeliverable Email Auto-Replies.

This is a common problem, emails that aren’t delivered. Even if automatically enrolled for the newsletter at sign-up, there are all sorts of reasons why this block happens, from a typographical error to someone changing personal email addresses to a person changing career positions. Whatever the reason is, you want your content to reach members to ensure engagement.

  • Encourage members to enter contact information into the system on their own, as they are less likely to make errors with their own information and you won’t need to be concerned with reading people's handwriting.
  • When an email does get kicked back, use the new email verification feature.


The Lack of Attendance at Meetings.

There are many reasons why no one is coming to your meetings, from lack of time to lack of interest. Making changes to your members’ time commitment issues isn’t a possibility, but if you can make adjustments in meeting content to address the lack of interest and attendance, you will go a long way to increase member motivation to attend, even with their busy schedules.

  • Make sure the content offered enhances both the chapter mission and the expected value.
  • Survey members and ask them what they want and need from meetings – then follow through with providing it.
  • Market the meeting either on chapter website, email blasts, or in other arenas to ensure members and prospects know about the meeting.


The Missing Activity on Website.

Members want to be engaged, at least at some level. The website is likely the first introduction to the local chapter that prospects go to and it is the place where current members visit to gain updated information about the chapter. This is why building and managing your website is so essential to your engagement success.

  • Be certain that content is relevant to the organization’s mission statement and offers timeless information as an extension of the membership value.
  • It isn’t enough to just have relevant posts. Consistently update the website, whether through the blog, calendar, or surveys, to allow visitors to recognize values of engagement.
  • Build a dialogue by having chapter leadership comment on articles and reply to community comments.


Member engagement is a vital aspect to chapter success. Therefore, it is important to constantly evaluate and eliminate obstacles to engagement. The above solutions can easily be instituted within your StarChapter association management software, which provides convenient features for tracking emails, updating the website, and so much more. In this way, you can achieve chapter success without causing further frustration for members or prospects.


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  1. Geetha

    Aug. 18, 2016

    Great information shared in this blog. Helps in gaining concepts about new information and concepts.Awsome information provided.Very useful for the beginners.

  2. Geetha

    Aug. 18, 2016

    Great information shared in this blog. Helps in gaining concepts about new information and concepts.Awsome information provided.Very useful for the beginners.



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