Visual Content – A Key Ingredient to Website Engagement

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Seeing is believing, or so the old adage goes. It is a well-known fact that people are attracted to and more quickly process visuals as compared mere words. This is especially true for the younger generations entering the work force. Through the use of visual content as a marketing tool, local chapter success increases in relation to sustainable and engaging membership building.

For StarChapter customers, managing visual content is simple thanks to the What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor provided standard with the software. Essentially, when you update your website’s content, there is no question regarding what your audience will see, meaning adding visuals to your content is as easy as deciding what visual communicates the point you are trying to get across.

Let’s take a look at some of the website features provided by StarChapter with regard to possible image selection.


Website Design

Using a member-friendly interface, you can paste the visuals you want, where you want, without the need to learn a complex programming language. Select photographs or images that reflect your chapter’s personality and communicate the needs of your chapter to members, from member photographs to charts. But the visuals here can go beyond distinct photographs or charts. You can select specific colors and layouts to highlight particular articles or events. This way, your website can be as unique as your members are.


Navigation Manager

Shake things up from time to time by changing the structure of your website. Add pages and reorganize how site menus appear. While you want visual consistency of your chapter’s website, having some variety will keep members coming back to see what is new.


Website Domain

Having a distinctive domain address, that can be directed to the StarChapter website, provides a word-based visual that exemplifies your chapter’s distinct identity.


Document & Media Storage

Include plenty of images in the archives and on the main page. It is easy to update and change as events change. And you can store items in an Admin only space so not visible to your members until you are ready for them to see them.


Sponsors & Ad Management

You can include advertisement from sponsors. This is an effortless endeavor that you control all aspects of, which means you can include entertaining and visually pleasing advertisements in whatever placement that works best for your chapter – raising extra money to use toward providing more value to members.


Online Store

In your online store, include pictures of the items for sale, inspiring purchases and thus increasing revenue for the chapter. 


Social Media

Allow for the sharing of content via social media, which will bring more visitors to the website. You can set the “share” button to include a specific image that will draw interest, as it is a well-known fact that social media shares with an image have a greater likelihood of inciting action.



The value of the newsletter and the visuals included remain a central means of communication with members and prospects. Customize the newsletter creation using a variety of standardized layouts that focus on selecting the right visual content for the best outcome.



Visuals within the calendar are also essential. Here, photographs from past events work nicely to inspire attendance at future events. Connect the calendar and the images contained therein with social media accounts to better promote meetings and events.


Blog & Forum

Include photographs and images within the blog to inspire visitors to read the content. Allow for member engagement through comments and responses by the community. 

StarChapter makes communicating value to members and prospects through the use of visuals convenient and streamlined. Engagement can only increase when you put an emphasis on capturing the attention of your chapter’s website visitors. And when you address the obstacles to engagement as well, then your chapter only has the option to succeed.


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