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Planning an event, no matter the size, can be a daunting task for even the most seasoned event planner. Throughout the process, it is important that you communicate to your attendees that you want them there and at future events – and this is more than just an empty expression. The behind the scenes activities end up being just as important, if not more important, in welcoming a person into an event. Of course, organizational hiccups are normal for any event, and can arise before, during, and after, but avoiding some of the big issues will go a long way to encouraging and building attendance from members and prospects alike.



1. Make sure your system is appropriately recording a new member’s registration information. One of the most annoying things for a potential attendee is waiting for that verification email that never comes, forcing them to setup an account more than once. This is also important to confirm that a person is registered.

2. Avoid sending emails regarding joining an event to those that have already signed up. This is where email communication within StarChapter can be helpful, in that it lets you choose who to send reminders to. It can even be automated to know who already been registered for the event so they never receive event invites again.

During the Event

3. One of the worst things that can happen when an attendee arrives at the event is that they find they are seemingly not registered for the event. Lost registrations create a headache for everyone involved. And while glitches do happen from time to time, there are some things you can do to ensure this problem does not become a disaster. In the confirmation notice before the event, suggest that attendee either prints out or saves to their phone the information. On site, have a person present whose sole responsibility is to handle registration glitches, making certain your event attendee doesn’t feel as though they are not wanted at the event.

4. Another common problem is the missing name tag or a misspelled name on the name tag. With StarChapter, name tags can be prepopulated in advance of the event, using the name entered by the attendee, which should avoid any name problems. But if for someone reason their name tags did not print (or are incorrect), single name badge printing on the spot is easy enough.

5. In this modern technologically savvy world, a lot of events are going to electronic programs. This is a really great way to help the environment. The problem comes in when someone cannot access the online program. One way to handle this is to ask at registration if the attendee prefers an electronic program or a hard copy one. Be sure though to have a few extra hard copy programs on site for walk-ins or those who change their minds.


6. After the conclusion of your event, it is important to follow-up with your attendees via email. Thank them for coming. Include a summary of the events either by link or right in the email so they can access the valuable information from the event. Also, offer attendees to complete a survey about the event, letting them know that you value their opinion in the creation of events.

7. Another crucial way to deliver the message to attendees is by updating the chapter website. Stay current with what is upcoming rather than leaving the advertising on the website for a past event. StarChapter actually pulls past event from your website automatically, keeping the website updated and current, while reducing the time it takes you to do it. That way you get to keep the valuable website real estate free for future events.

These seven strategies will go a long way to ensure that members and prospects feel wanted at current and future events. By being conscious of their time and needs, and actively communicating about it, you both make them aware they are the reason for the event and eliminate the extra work created from avoidable problems. It is then when everyone can enjoy themselves at the event, networking and learning for the good of the profession.



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