What is Member Curated Content?

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Content is everywhere. From the weekly meetings to the annual conference to the industry training documents your chapter offers its members, there is a plethora of material available to write about. How you use the material, however, may be the difference between flailing and successful marketing endeavors to meet chapter goals.

A key underlying goal of any chapter involves building membership and attendance at events. These should rise or, at the very least, remain stable. And content plays a pivotal role in achieving this goal. With that said, how you market the content should be clearly planned and executed for the benefit of members.

Where and how to begin developing member curated content strategy?

Encouraging members to write is the first step. This should not be limited to board member volunteers. In fact, all members should be welcomed to contribute their writing, to offer their perspective on the industry or other related topics. Through their engagement in the trade, your members are at the forefront of what is going on in the industry and are uniquely qualified to provide content. Assuming that writing isn’t necessarily their strong suite, offer training on how to write various styles of writing from smaller news briefs to full on case studies, depending of course on marketing strategy objectives. Depending on your industry, your chapter could even offer a certificate or continuing education credits in trade-specific writing tactics.

From a marketing perspective, develop a series of sub-goals based around specific events and key chapter activities planned for the year, such as an annual culminating event, board elections, or even a monthly newsletter. Be sure to know exactly what goals are most important and create a way to measure its success. Over the course of the year, the content collected from members should correspond with the chapter mission, and disseminated as needed for maximum members value realization.

Content could be shared in multiple ways and get repurposed in such way that a larger piece is broken down into smaller content for ease of digestibility. Surveying members will ensure you know the best outlets for providing the valuable content, whether through the newsletter, on their Facebook page, or directly on the chapter website. Make content available in archives all previously published, which can easily be done through the StarChapter content management system.

Member curated content provides a sense of ownership that is essential for chapter success. Beyond spreading the responsibility for writing among a larger group of people, offering members to write has the sheer benefits of getting them involved and listening to their stories.


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