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Are You Engaging with Members or Putting Everything on Hold?


Members need your chapter more than ever. Here a few easy things chapters can include to keep members involved and provide some of what they need to stay sane.

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Does Your Board Have a Member Retention Strategy?


Members leave for multiple reasons, many of which the board can have some control over. Implement a strategy for keeping your members active and engaged.

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Why Do Your Members Join? It’s Not for the Reasons You May Think


You may think people join because of the value they get from being a member. Or maybe it’s for the benefits you provide? Or is it because of the reputation of your chapter or the national association? Think again.

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Where is the new Guy eBook

Where's the New Guy?

6 Roadblocks on the Path to Increasing Chapter Membership & How to Overcome Them

The path to membership can be hindered by roadblocks your chapter leadership is creating unintentionally or not. What if you had a plan in place to help ensure that guests to your meetings and prospective members have a positive experience with your chapter? Improving your relationship with the new guy can help increase your attendance, your membership, and ultimately, your revenues.

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Declining Membership

Grow your Membership

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Event Registration
Having the event registration process specifically for members is one more way to encourage members to renew. It’s a built-in reminder and will help your membership retention rate tremendously.

In StarChapter it is easy to set up automatic emails to go out to your members to remind them to renew. Your members are busy professionals reminders can help them prioritize their membership and stay active.

A study done by the Missouri University of Science and Technology revealed it takes just 50 milliseconds for users to form their first impressions of your website. Make sure that impression a good one with the professional website options with StarChapter.

Grow Your Association Chapter Today

StarChapter helps chapter leaders save time, engage members, and grow by streamlining the management of the chapter.


    Choosing StarChapter as our online management platform was part of several strategic changes we've made in the past two years. Our membership is up, we doubled attendance at our gala, we've added a downstate development day event, and our funds have more than doubled allowing us to offer even more value to our members. StarChapter freed up some time for our board allowing us to focus our efforts on people and relationships. That's really paid off for us."

    Terry Goode, Development Director, Association of Fundraising Professionals of East Central Illinois


    We have realized exponential benefits since we have transitioned to Star Chapter in 2017. We are much better able to manage our membership records and know what members do not renew so that we can continue to reach out to them for their renewal."

    Melanie Golson, President, Public Relations Council of Alabama


    More members renew because if they are in the system, they can’t register as a member – saving us money double checking the reg list and getting members to renew on their own more frequently.”

    Debbie R, FPA Colorado