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Plan Questions and Answers

What does my plan include?

Your selected StarChapter plan includes all the features and services listed on the right.

How long until my service goes live?

Going live can take 6-8 weeks from signing up. If time is of the essence, your StarChapter Project Manager will move quickly to get your service live on time.

Do you offer additional help?

Absolutely! StarChapter wants you to be successful! Most StarChapter plans include a well-crafted on-boarding project where we help you start off on the right foot. Then, we offer ongoing support and training sessions as part of the service for current and future board members, making board transitioning easier for you. If you want additional services, such as extra graphic design or content conversion services, we can offer that to you at our hourly rate once the scope of work has been agreed to. StarChapter is a self-service software that enables users to easily make changes and administer themselves.

Does StarChapter have a Satisfaction Guarantee policy?

StarChapter Essential, Growth, Advanced and Pro plans have an initial 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee policy, as follows: If for any reason you are not satisfied with your StarChapter service within the first 90 days of your initial term, with written notice of cancellation, up to a 90-day refund of the StarChapter Service Subscription Fee will be returned to you.

The 90-day Satisfaction Guarantee does not apply to StarChapter Starter.

Can I accept online payments?

Using your merchant account and gateway services, StarChapter allows you to seamlessly accept credit card payments on your website for meeting registrations, member dues, and products. Read more about accepting payments on our eCommerce page.

Can I use my own domain name?

Yes and you can maintain control of your domain name. Customers can point their domain to the StarChapter service. We also help in these matters to make the transition as easy as possible.

What does my eCommerce include?

StarChapter is PCI compliant and is regularly reviewed for compliancy. Your users can safely pay with credit cards on your website. Full credit card numbers are not stored by StarChapter, rather they are passed to the secure gateway using encrypted industry standard 256-bit SSL certificates to protect the transferred data.

What is the duration of my plan’s contract?

Your StarChapter subscription will auto-renew at the end of the initial term each year.

StarChapter Starter is a month-to-month term that auto-renews each month.

Includes Features

 Website Layouts

 Email Manager

 StarChapter Support Advisor

 Membership Manager

 Newsletter and Articles

 Customer Support

 Design Editor


 Ongoing Board Trainings

 Photo Gallery and Videos

 Survey Manager


 Form Builder


 Payment Processing

 Blog and Forum

 Page Templates

 Classifieds Listings

 Corporate Memberships

 Scheduled Emails

 Coupons and Vouchers

 Domain Administration Services

 Admin User Restriction

 Online Store


    The StarChapter staff has been great to work with every step of the way. Thanks to them, our project was a quick win for our chapter. StarChapter brought our chapter website back from the dead."

    Sue Gerrity, CRM, IGP, ARMA Detroit


    Since we selected StarChapter we have saved over $2K per year and the website is very user friendly. Our chapter had to start over with membership and currently we have 47 members. The system is very easy to maintain. StarChapter did an outstanding job setting up our website."

    Dick Nabors, BTA Baltimore Washington


    I wanted to transition out of my role with the chapter but after spending time with StarChapter technology, I have decided to stay awhile. I feel pretty confident now with administering the site and am looking forward to moving along the learning curve. Our site just received the first place trophy in the American Payroll Association's best website contest."

    Brad Patterson, APA Columbus